Anthony has been in this field since 2005, Graduate of Rutger's Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Anthony is an expert in prescribing therapeutic exercises and functional activities. Trained in the new school way of thought, Anthony will create a challenging and dynamic exercise routine guarantee to make you break a sweat and make ​you look at physical therapy exercises in a whole new light. Anthony is also an expert medical massage practitioner, He will spend the time to work the deep tissues in your body to separate the adhesions and relax those muscles.

Ted has been practicing since 2002 and was Clinical Coordinator to several clinics before becoming the Coordinator for Gemini Physical Therapy as a physical therapist he is the pioneer to treatments that we offer

prophylactically here, without any special names, the treatments themselves are a special experience. Come and experience the treatments that took a decade and a half to develop. Old school Manual Therapy Techniques, Spinal Mobilizations, and Stretching style. Precise focused treatments to localized areas will make you feel better in half the time.