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our founders have been developing and improving upon this service for almost two decades. They HAVE CONTINUALLY MODIFIED AND IMPROVE UPON OUR BUSINESS MODEL and practices. they have made many improvements to our treatment PROTOCOLS and service delivery by listening to the needs of the public.

Through Hard work, dedication, and long hours They have perfected our service to provide you with the type of care you are looking for. We are confident that anyone can benefit and feel better from our treatments.  

Our Rehabilitation treatments are designed to get you well quickly and our prophylactic treatments leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Our goal is to provide you with a first class service that is unparalleled in this area. We were designed to be different both in cleanliness and skill. 

This company was incorporated in 2007 to fill this Queens Community with great caring, great service, and great techniques. 

What you can expect from a Gemini clinic is not just a great treatment but a great experience. come in for a great treatment experience from our therapists who are truly interested about your recovery. 

We promote healing to any part of your body. we provide the right kind of stimulus for healing and your body does the rest. Come in and try our one of a kind treatments today, You'll be glad you did!